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Corruption goes up Taxes go up houses are ForeclosedMcCracken County Property Taxes Projected to Skyrocket as Citizens Flee Corruption. 

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Breaking News Truth About PaxtonPaxton Media's Corruption Cover-Ups are growing at an Alarming Rate. Citizens prepare for Boycott
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Breaking News So Called Victims LawRED ALERT!    "Marsy's Law" (To be voted on May 22nd) is akin to a Trojan Horse from HELL. Be sure to vote it down or pay a huge price!
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Thousands of "Gun Protesting Students" across America accidentally prove to themselves that rules don't work.

We prove rules don't work now protect us with rules

Thousands of Students March on March the 14th and prepare to do it again on March the 24th. The irony is all that's in view for those with 20/20 hindsight. They discover that rules are only followed by those that choose to follow them.

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Five Way Race for Jailer in McCracken County, Kentucky

The Jailer of McCracken County - who will it be?

In one of the Incarceration Nation's most corrupt counties due process is more scarce than leprechauns riding unicorns. Of the five candidates, will any of them meet the demands of the citizens of McCracken County and secure the election?

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Will Charges be Reinstated against Benjamin (Ben) Green?


Ben Green

Prosecutor's jobs are made far easier when jailhouse assaults are coupled with the lack of due process. Many Citizens enter bogus guilty pleas in a bid for self-preservation and in hopes of keeping their jobs... Ben Green helped facilitate assaults. Will Prosecutors continue to protect him?

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People of Paducah call on the City's so-called Human Rights Commission to adopt the real Universal Declaration of Human Rights or change the name of their so-called Commission

Ever notice that in places where Human Rights violations are rampant such as in Paducah, KY; they try to re-establish the Universally Accepted definition of Human Rights?

After 50+ Years of Gov. Ban: The Bible returns to Schools in Kentucky

 Matt Bevin signed into law a Bill allowing Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus... on to Revelations to join the books of school libraries. How House Bill 128 was presented and drafted to prevent the "Quran" and "The Satanic Bible..." from following the Bible's entry, as the bill was ingeniously crafted.

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Are the Parent Teachers Associations becoming more of a matter of, Parents to The  Rescue? Across the country, parents are expressing discontent at PTA meetings, before members of various Board of Education... What was once simple math has turned into a multi-step drawing board of madness.

Image: Status_of_Common_Core_Standards_vector.svg
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Kentucky Has Some Good Mayors And Some Questionable Mayors However Everyone Agrees That This Mayor Is Man's Best Friend

On November 8, 2016, a town in Boone County, KY. elected Brynneth Pawltro better known as "Brynn" Mayor.  Brynn is a beautiful Pitbull that enjoyed a landslide victory. During her campaign, she raised $3,367 dollars. She won the election with a simple slogan "Peace, Love, and Understanding".

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The Covered Bridge used at the top of the page is Goddard Bridge in Goddard, Kentucky. Here's a Wikipedia link about it.Goddard Bridge Wikipedia icon