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The articles below, the interactive timeline and the book "Judicial Center" (www.JUDICIAL.CENTER) will be available May 12, 2019 (closer to the 2019 Kentucky Gubernatorial Elections).

Sheriff Department Causes Child Abuse

McCracken County Sheriff's agency allows the 1st-degree persistent felony offender (Billy Waynick) to advance his criminal career while engaging in meth, abusing children, stealing vehicles... other agencies say that Billy is too much trouble and will not allow him to operate in that capacity.

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Public Outcry to Remove Picture of Former Hon. Cynthia Sanderson from McCracken County Circuit Courtroom

There is a rise in the number of McCracken County residents that are calling for the removal of Hon. Cynthia Sanderson's picture from the McCracken County Courthouse. For more details click "Learn More".

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Same O'l Deputy David King?

Deputy David King is now employed with the Christian County Sheriff's Office. He has a lengthy history of getting himself and or his Departments sued.
We conducted a background check on King's work history. It is apparent that the Christian County Sheriff neglected to do the same or the Sheriff simply doesn't care about the citizens of Christian County.Click the "Learn More"

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Atty. Shannon Powers Withholds Discovery from his Client to Help His Colleague Conceal a Crime

Atty. Shannon Powers withheld Discovery from his client for months to conceal the unlawful activities of his colleague.


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Child Protective Services in Paducah, KY - Yes to Meth and NO to Taxi

Child Protective Services helped cover-up drug usage in the home of 2 children living with their mother and her paramour. KYnews.Today has now documented several acts of perjury performed by the CPS involving the same children. In one instance, a CPS agent told a judge that there haven't been issues of abuse/neglect while the children were living with their mother. CPS recanted in the court once it was made known that there was a signed copy in the courtroom. CPS agency was derelict in their drug testing of the mother and her paramour and then committed the perjury to cover-up the suffering the children had to endure while living in the meth-house.

IT turns out the Sheriff (John Hayden) was actually responsible for the meth-house.

Once the Dad (James Samples) exposed the derelict nature of CPS they drug tested him in hopes that he would test positive for drugs. At that point, they started a case against the Dad for allowing the children to ride in a taxi a mere 500'.


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McCracken County Family Court Judge denies a parent an opportunity to testify or present evidence

Hon. Deanna Wise Henschel denies a parent an opportunity to testify or present evidence at an emergency custody hearing. This highly unusual, unethical omission apparently stems from discord between the judge and the whistle-blowing parent. Judge attempts to seal the record. Whistleblowing parent puts sealed record online as well

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Kentuckians Are Requesting Federal Oversight

Kentuckians are calling for more Federal oversight. An increasing number of Kentuckians are asking the Civil Rights Division in Washington D.C. to open an auxiliary office in McCracken County Kentucky.

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McCracken County Man That Was Denied a Chance to Testify or Present Evidence - Says Judge is Still Better Than the County Has Had in 16 Years and Better Than Many Other Family Court Judges in KY

Join us as we take an in-depth look as to why many experts say that a prenuptial agreement should be a prerequisite to a marriage license.

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Attorney Jennifer Peeler Files a False Police Report

Attorney Attempts to Abate a Malpractice Lawsuit by Filing a False Police Report.


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Family Court Judge Finds Risk of Harm Leaves Children in Meth-House

Hon. Deanna Wise Henschel says that she is finding "Risk of Harm" but wants to keep the children in a Meth-House.

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Officer Travis Counts Takes Derelict of Duties Well Into the Realm of Unlawful

Officer Counts secures an arrest warrant that results in an incarceration. He did this without ever asking a single question nor obtaining any of the available recordings.

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What happens when the owner (James Samples) of an international surveillance and spy equipment company gets done wrong by officials in Western KY?

Several McCracken County officials took a turn trying to cover-up the Misdeeds of their Colleagues. James has recorded and documented them thoroughly stringing them together on a 6 foot long fully interactive timeline that serves as a Graphical User Interface for over 9 terabytes of data. Those that are attacking Mr. Samples and his children are finding themselves caught in a web.
As we approach the 2018 Kentucky Elections the entire web full of wrong-doers will be available right here on the World Wide Web!

James has also started multiple websites to help improve the KY corruption such as www.JUDICIAL.CENTER,,,, and,

James realizes that he is not unique and that there are a lot of people that need their stories told. Often we want to correlate silent journalist with media malice, however, we can now see where the journalist might just be scared. James seeks to offset their fears by hosting the missing news himself - and he will do the same for everyone!

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